Saturday, September 27, 2014

This is an Omni post.

Some time ago I had started a project, and I had big dreams for it, but a decent ways in I thought I'd never get it finished. But looking back now and seeing how it transformed over time, I'm glad I spent as much time as I did with it, while there are imperfections all over it, I throughly am proud of the little thing.

Of course I am talking about my Dodge Omni America, to give its proper name, but I always just call it the Omni. Just for an idea of how long ago I started this project, I have pictures of the model dating back to 2007. What happened between then and now, well I'd like to call it optimization, and it wasn't just the model itself. Not that the model is still perfect, also judging by my pictures, in 2009 I gave it the proper Dodge Omni face.

I decided on modeling a Dodge Omni simply because, there wasn't one. It was unique, and from what I've heard were fun little cars. Sure its no GLH, but I assure you those are coming, this particular one is a 2.2l TBI 4 cylinder, making roughly 97hp. Connected to that is your choice of either the A525 5 speed manual transaxle, or the A413 3 speed Torqueflite automatic transaxle. There are also a choice of colors, except there isn't a white, why, I don't know. The car also only has CG shaders, so sorry for anyone on a computer not powerful enough to run CG shaders. The thing also has interior and exterior lights. But as mentioned before it does have its flaws, the pacejka may or may not be accurate, there are no wipers on the car as none would fit properly to my liking, and there are issues with the model (for instance that rear end, just never felt it looks quite right). Anyways despite its flaws there is a decent and fun car. The seats are modeled and textured by EAP3D as well as the wheels, the gauges are done by Silver, the radio texture is done by Foxo.



Thursday, September 5, 2013

Lost, dazed, but not confused

As I write this I realize its been nearly 2 years since I even so much as touched this blog. Life has a way of going insane on you 2012 was one hectic year for me and my family. But that is not the real point of this post obviously, I do not regret my own faults but intend to use this blog for something possibly useful.

I have been working on adapting (as I call it, though really it could be seen as converting) a Bentley 4.5l Blower from Google/Trimble 3d Warehouse to Racer. Everything has been going good on it (thanks Cosmo for fixing up the car.ini), right up until I tried to message the original author (PAV) on Google/Trimble 3d Warehouse and just get a server error message. I see no problem in releasing something made for the 3d warehouse, since everything on it is free, to a completely free game. But I also know that RaceDepartment (Racer's current community forum) would probably not look to kindly on this.

So here it is, the first version I'm going to release of the 1928 Bentley 4.5l Blower. Under the hood is Bentley's 4.5l 4 cylinder fed by 2 SU carbs and the Roots type Amherst Villers supercharger poking out in front of the grill. Power on this model is handled through a 4 spd manual unsynchronized transmission (shame I couldn't replicate that in Racer) which fed to the rear wheels. The engine itself was fairly modern for the time, single overhead camshaft, with 4 valves per cylinder. The engine makes roughly 175hp and 400Nm torque. The body itself is actually made of leather to save weight. Inside you get a comprehensive dash, with your two oilers (which I wish could work in Racer). The gauges from left to right are the clock, speedometer (km/h), oil pressure, rpm, supercharger pressure, fuel gauge (liters), and water temperature (F). There are lights, but none on the interior, and no brake lights (not sure if they had them or not).

 Download Link:

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Do The Right Thing!

Recently it has come to my attention that the US Government is trying to pass a censorship bill for the Internet. Not only will this allow for the Government to remove things due to copyright, but give you 5 years in jail because of it. And this bill will also allow companies to SUE the offending people, for posting something as little as, a kid singing a song they heard on the radio. What they will do is also make the internet less stable, and less secure. So do the right thing contact your Congressman/woman.

This bill could directly effect the first amendment of the Bill of Rights, I think. I am of course speaking of, the Freedom of Speech.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Time disappears quickly it seems...

Life catches me busy again, and again, and again. This isn't much of a surprise though, is it? Between work, and going back to school, and my personal life, do you really think I have much real free time? Nope.

Still on my job of driving, its been good, I heard something from a person the other day that just rang so true to me. The people can sometimes make or break a job, and for me it makes the job, it can be plenty of fun for me. But now I am going back to school now, for Computer Information Systems I figured since I'm on a computer 9/10ths of the day (minus when I'm working, naturally), that I should probably go into the computer field. Of course I had to take a math class, I figured take it first, and get it out of the way, most of what has been taught, has clicked for me, somethings I have had to ask for help from my math major sister for. I also took an Intro to Info tech class, more so to catch me up to all Office 2010, not that I haven't learned other things.

Of course this lack of free time, means I haven't really touched my models much. Last I did I was touching up my Omni's rear end. so now it has a window gasket around the rear glass, which makes it seem a little better. I did some other little tweaks, that just help it that little bit more as well.

Even my PT recieved some work in this busy time, somehow. Helps that my dad did buy a 00 Mustang not too long, with 22k miles on the clock, not bad. But that meant there was a spare car around. My PT got new sway bar bushings, new sway bar end links, and new lower control arm bushings as well. Now as it gets colder I'm noticing a slight buzz from around the passenger's front door. and the p/s is back to its usual random whining. She's only 10 years old, and 108k miles. But alas I have been busy enough that its now November, and I have yet to put the winter wheels on (I'm hoping i can do that later today, errr night).

Now a small rant, slow people, they are everywhere, but they are most annoying when they sit in the middle lane, not going the speed limit, and yet there's a slow person in the right lane as well, that is going about the same speed. Its really annoying when they are in the left lane doing this, now I'm going to clarify my definition of a slow person, one who is going under the posted speed limit on a nice day, on a terrible day out I can understand. (Like I can remember a day driving a Fiesta, we couldn't go the speed limit because of the weather, and later had to ford the lakes of Southfield, due to all the rain fall.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Its the whole Blogosphere!

After a rather long Hiatus, I'm posting again, planning on ranting? nope, going to say something about 3d modeling? possibly. going to talk about something wildly off topic? most likely. going to keep on asking pointless questions in my own blog? does appear that way, doesn't it.

Anywho... Life has caught me being busy again, working, helping work on my sisters house, trying a new job to find out, its not even you, despite going to school for 13 months for that, and now looking into going back to school for something better, and my parents are pushing me to start this fall when I'm not sure exactly what I want, just something in computers I feel like would be better for me.

Of course I am back to my job of driving, and its been fun, I guess sometimes you don't realize what fun it is, until you take it away for a bit. Just thought i would say something quick, was stopped at a rest area for a, admittedly longer break, as we didn't want to get back early. but we had stopped at a rest area, were standing around talking, car goes by and goes all the way to the end then takes the parking spot, no one gets out, can't really see anyone in the car, and a little while later, they take off... going in the opposite direction, then not long after they go back again, going the right way lol. Nothing is funnier then watching someone go down the wrong way, to me at least.

3d models? yep there's those as well, been working a bit on the Iota-R for a new concept car competition. and to those waiting for this car, well, its a surprise. Omni and Mini? the Omni I've been on and off kind of working on every so often, the Mini, yeah nothing yet, because its the interior I really need to do, and well I haven't done it yet lol.

Also found an old chrysler radio (like out of the late 80s earlies 90s). the exact model you'd find in an Omni even (though I have a sneaking suspicion this one came out of an 86 Ram Van). Anyways, wired up some power for it, and it appears to be working, all lights on the radio appear to work, and the brief time I had enough charge in the battery to goto the radio I could see it could goto stations but some of the buttons you had to press pretty hard, or I think 1 or 2 of them just didn't work. But the clock itself, works perfectly. Now i just need to find a way to power it from the outlet. I tried the battery charger from the batteries I was using but it wasn't quite powerful enough for the radio to go on, got a power source from a slot car track, going to eventually see if thats enough power for it.

Anyways post again soon, hopefully...

Friday, August 27, 2010

Ranty McRanterson

Amazing really how much I can rant about the people that drive on the roads today. looking back at old blog posts, I've basically ranted about everyone that drives on the road today.

But does it stop there? Not at all. Monday night, or was it Sunday night can't remember. Anyways, I was the tail driver in a group, with two fairly new hires, and obviously a lead in front of me. Now the lead i know well, hits 70 on the freeway, then turns on the cruise. well my cruise never was on the entire night. and I'm not sure which speed I was doing more, 65 or 75. Already not sounding good right? well. were also supposed to keep a 4 second gap, which isn't exactly small, but the 2nd driver let a semi in because of the gap they had. the person would NOT go 70. would not speed up to go on a freeway (like at one point we were on an on ramp doing about 45, at the same point normally I'd be doing at least 60). Now when that 2nd driver wasn't doing so bad, the 3rd driver, well was. annoyingly enough. By the end of that night I wanted to shoot myself, and at one point even though about going from tail to the 2nd driver. (yeah as in I pass both of them). Now what really kills me about that 2nd driver is my lead that day told them that they were on cruise at 70. the 2nd driver had said that they didn't set it up before they left...

...I'm trying to not blow up here, but seriously? last I checked to make cruise control work. you pressed the on button then press the set button. is that really that hard?

Now another rant I have is bikers. today was a fairly nice day out, got a little cold at night but nothing bad. At one point I had my window open, and two bikes went past me on a 4 lane road going the other way. I'm amazed my ears weren't bleeding after they passed me. (and for those that think, oh its not that bad, it was like a Harley, in a tunnel... but louder). Then later I had a bike BLOW by me (it was a crotch rocket) no idea how fast he was going, but I was doing 55. he must of been at least going 80. I should note that there was a car in that lane when he blew by us, but the car was far enough up he basically cut my lead off and kept on blasting ahead. I do wonder if a cop got him because he wasn't just cooking, he was burning. But I have noticed that a lot of bikers seem to go faster then cars. now being a little louder I can understand, but they have to obey the same speed limits cars have to obey so I don't see why they are going faster. or is there something here I'm completely missing.

Also I went to the Woodward Dream Cruise this past weekend. it was pretty good, didn't seem quite as packed as previous years. (but now they are spreading it out over like two or 3 days I think as well).

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Long Time... No Post

Was it laziness or was it forgetfulness.... I forget now. Life has been busy lately for me. My oldest sister got her first house, and I've been helping on cleaning the place up getting it ready for her and her husband and daughter into very soon. Work has also been keeping me busy, between to two really I feel like I've had very little personal time.

and first of all I got to get some ranting off, to blow out the steam thats been building inside of me. STUPID F#@%!#@ PEOPLE ON THE ROAD. Just today nearly had an accident because a guy just started moving over. blinker? nope. did he look? didn't seem him move his head until I honked at him. Should I have slammed on my brakes for him? No i should of let him hit me, he had a pos Ranger I was in something that was worth about 10x what he was driving. He wouldn't of been able to pin it on me because he never signaled. On top of that I later had to deal with RUSH HOUR traffic. no longer do I think the I-275 and I-96 merge is bad. now I know whats worse. Haggerty Rd up by Pontiac Trail (believe its in Commerce). They are freakin crazy up there, if only I had a nickel for every car I just saw pull out of a dam driveway. I looked at the front of my vehicle and there thankfully wasn't a hit me sign on it. Thought it felt like there was.

Last Night (as in Sunday night, I forget I'm posting this on what is technically Tuesday morning). We got stuck behind a Sprinter van not going the speed limit (at some other location) and then this minivan with the flashers on passes us. so we go to pass the van, and they slow down, ends up being a blazer (or something like that) that was slowing the minivan down. I get about halfway to passing him, and he takes off like a bat out of h#!!. Then the minivan passes us again. -_- k seriously?

Oh I'm not even done yet. probably a month ago. I had a guy cut in front of me. and i might of had a car length between me and the car in front of me (I did it on purpose as to not allow that person to get in front of me). guy still cuts right IN THERE. I should of blared my horn at him for being not just a complete moron, but also a complete and uder a$$#@!#.

(Rip from the Budweiser radio ads) (Chorus sarcastically "Real Men of Genius.") Here's to you Mr. attempted multitasking driver. You so gracefully float between lanes nearly causes accidents, with full horns blaring behind you.(Chorus "Mr. attempted multitasking driver") While talking on the phone... and texting.... and shaving... and eating breakfast. (Chorus again "Oh your car is going to be wrecked")

In other news. Progress on all my 3d models has been minimal at best. I did pull out my parents old lawnmower and got it running, not well but its running. and it took me about 4 hours (this is including rather frequent breaks) which is probably about 3 hours longer then it took to do the same backyard with the good mower. The problem is, it hits any amount of grass and it bogs down so my thought is tighten up the governer spring. (could the problem really be that easy though?). the carb could probably be rebuilt again. as the mixture screw has as far as i can tell no jurisdiction on how much fuel that engine gets. Only thing that seems better about that mower then i recall is, its starting in 1 pull just about everytime, not too shabby for a 1983 Briggs and Straton that mowed a lot and half for probably about 10 years. and mowed a much smaller lawn for another 10 years until being rebuilt and put away. I do seem to remember running it before i put it away and I seem to remember it chugging black smoke when it hit just a little grass. never did that now though... there were a couple times where it started chugging out blue smoke so I shut it down and let it cool off. (and proceeded to say "UGH").

I can also tell the engine has no power because its barely chucking grass into the bag, and when it does it doesn't chuck too much into it before it overloads the mower (and the bag won't be very full).

Anyways I need to sleep now.